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Day 93 - Invested in Rakugo

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

For the past two years I have been raising investment for our Rakugo projects in London and New York.

People both in Japan and elsewhere are often surprised when I say the word “investment”.

What? Not a donation?


You mean I get my money back?

This conversation comes up so often I think it is worth a blog post.

The system of investing in Broadway or West End shows is something quite unique to New York, London and a handful of other cities which have long-running shows.

For most theatre in the world, the not-for-profit system is in place. The theatre company registers as a not-for-profit entity, receives grants from the government and arts organizations, and donations from private individuals. This funding coupled with corporate sponsorship and ticket sales hopefully allows them to break even. If they make a profit they save it and use it for future productions, meaning no individual makes more money if the shows to very well.

For donors, they receive recognition, certain perks like opening night invitations, and a charitable tax receipt - but donors are probably most motivated by the feeling that they are part of a special and worthwhile artis