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Day 99 - Collaboration!

No theatre happens alone.

Even a one-person show like Rakugo cannot be produced alone.

The key is collaboration.

When on stage, you rely on the lighting and sound, you perform in front of a set designed by a designer and constructed by craftspeople, there is the box office and ushers, so many people involved in making even a single performance by a single performer happen. Not to mention you also need an audience! If a Rakugo-ka performed in an empty theatre it would be a rehearsal. lol

Producing is no different. Producers need producing partners, designers, theatre owners to rent theatre space from, PR and promotion experts, production manager, stage manager, company manager, and maybe most importantly, investors and donors!

Today I would like to focus on one of our most unique and very special partners. They are a non profit organization based in Brooklyn which is devoted to promoting Japanese culture in the United States and around the world. You could say that collaboration is their middle name. In fact it is their name.

The name of the organization is "J-Collabo". The J stands for Japan, and Collabo is Japanese for Collaboration (in the common syntactical way that Japanese incorporates English and then makes it more compact - cf Conbini for Convenience Store, Pasokon for Personal Computer, and Burapi for Brad Pitt!?!?!)

J-Collabo's mission is best summarized by the mission statement itself, from their home page: