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Day 95 - A Home for Rakugo in Brooklyn!

Today I went to Brooklyn to visit our sponsoring partners, J-Collabo.

Click here to see more about J-Collabo!

Mr. Hitoshi Sagaseki and Ms. Sachi Shimoda had some phenomenal ideas.

True collaboration! Hitoshi Sagaseki, Sachi Shimoda, and me!

In a word, we are going create a home for Rakugo in Brooklyn at the same time as opening the show off-Broadway in Manhattan!

Brooklyn is a hotbed for arts with over 700 arts organization and the power of a young population, apparently median 2-years below the national median. It is Brooklyn is one of the city of New York’s 5 buroughs, the other’s being Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. To put Brooklyn in perspective as to size, more than a quarter of the population of the City of New York lives in Brooklyn and at 2.6 million has a million more residents than Manhattan.

J-Collabo is an organization dedicated to bringing Japanese culture to New York, to the United States, and more broadly, indeed to the world. But a secondary part of their activities are fostering exchange between their home burough of Brooklyn and Japan.

To that end if you go to J-Collabo’s store you have various products from Japan mixed in with products that Brooklyn makers have created - and the sense of presentation an packaging and overall artistic sense makes them a really great fit, interestingly.