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Day 89 - FundraisingX3

The first and most important aspect of producing theatre is fundraising.

This might seem surprising.

Choosing a play, choosing a theatre, finding a director, considering a star performer, brainstorming over set design, all of these things are essential aspects of a producer's job.

But if there isn't money to do the show, it's not going to happen!

There are many kinds of fundraising. For our Rakugo show coming up in September, we have three main ones.

1. Investment - investors invest in the show and reap returns on their contribution depending on how financial successful the show is.

2. Corporate Sponsorship - companies contribute funds and are recognized as sponsors which is a kind of advertising or brand promotion

3. Donations - generous donors contribute funds for our educational activities and receive tickets, discounts, recognition in the program etc., and/or a tax receipt

Today I was working on #2 and #3. When I say working on them, I was working on the "packages" or pages that we show potential contributors to interest them in our project.

The corporate sponsorship package is still being proof read, but the Sunshine Fund for donations is ready to go. Have a look!

And thank you in advance for your support!!

I'll use this blog to keep you posted on how close we are getting to getting funded!

89 days to go!

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Leonard Hancock
Jul 31, 2023

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