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100 Days to Opening Night

Welcome to the countdown.

This is my Producer Diary!

In 100 days Rakugo will open off-Broadway. This is the final stretch of a long and eventful journey.

Here is the quick summary:

25 years ago - produced the hit show Aristophanes Clouds in Toronto, 15-month run.

20 years ago - went to Japan to study Japanese traditional theatre

15 years ago - saw Rakugo for the first time in a small Yakitori shop in Yokohama

10 years ago - became the 15th apprentice to Katsura Sanshi (Now Katsura Bunshi VI)

7 years ago - finished my Rakugo apprenticeship and performed in Ottawa Canada, first show abroad

5 years ago - performed for 1000 people at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, produced by my friend Gerry Ronan and my brother Pete Robic THE BROADWAY DREAM WAS BORN!

4 years ago - first performance in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and first performance in London

3 years ago - moved to London, became Artist in Residence at The Forge Venue, Camden

2 years ago - first official sold-out run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe