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Day 90 - Three months to go!!!

So I am sorry there was a delay.

We were going to begin in May but some interesting developments occurred.

Now, in case you are wondering, a 6-month delay in the opening of a Broadway show is not that big a deal - especially off-Broadway. So many things can happen.

I had a theatre reserved for a year and then one month before my show was to start, the landlords turned it into a sports gym and a chiropractor office. The theatre owner reached the end of his lease and to renew would have had to pay double - so that was that.

You run into a wall and back to the drawing board.

However, I have to say that almost all the obstacles I have run into over the last few years on the road to Broadway have lead to even better opportunities.

And this was the case this time - 100 times over.

We were a bit stuck for a theatre which we could rent open ended.

And then an amazing and very famous venue came up.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I will announce very very soon which theatre - as soon as we sign the contract!

But suffice it to say that opening night has been decided - and it's exactly 90 days away!

Stay tuned for video blogs to accompany this column, and some videos coming in Japanese and Chinese!

Stay tuned!

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I will announce the theater as soon as we sign the deal; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

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