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Learn to write a good book review in limited Time and Effort - 2022 Guide

If you as an essay writer have been given an assignment of writing a book review with a short deadline, no need to worry, in this article you will learn how to write a good book review within a short period of time effectively. But first, you need to understand what a book review is. Several students make mistakes while writing book reviews by only summarizing the plot only; however, you not only have to provide a brief summary of the book, also you are required to share your experiences with the audience and assist them to decide whether they should read the book or not. A great book review expresses a firm opinion, conveys personal observations, and suggests who would enjoy the book.

Without wasting much time, Let’s move toward what should be included in the book review. whenever you have to write a book review make sure to incorporate the following components to create an impressive and comprehensive book review

  • A hook

  • A brief summary of the plot

  • Personal critique and adoration

  • Recommendations

  • Rating

Now that you have an idea of what should be included you need to understand what information should be incorporated under each heading. But first of all, you need to choose the book which you are going to review. At times your instructor would assign you the book to be reviewed but most of the time you are given the option to review the book of your choice. In order to save time, you must select the book that you have read before and the one you would like to critique. Let’s dig into what information should be incorporated. You can always take helping writing book review essay just by asking "write my essay for me".

The hook

Like all other academic writings, a book review should also be started with a hook. A hook is basically a statement that grabs your reader’s attention. It will pique the reader’s interest so they will continue reading your book review. hence it is crucial to add a hook at the beginning of your book review. The hook can be a compelling or provocative sentence or a question.

Basic book information or characteristics

Describe the major characteristics of the book such as author’s name, book title, year of publication, volume, or series number, etc. it is a crucial part because your readers must know about the general information related to the book.

Plot summary

Provide a brief summary of the book so that your readers would know what the story is about. While doing that make sure not to give spoilers and don’t talk about the ending of the story that will make your audience know about the main plot before they even read it. Such information should not be disclosed, instead of revealing the story you would better come down on the side of caution and say the story has an unexpected twist.

Personal critique and adoration

The main and the most important section of your book review is this part. You need to add detailed information in this section. summarizing a book is not a big deal, anyone can do that, but the main thing is its critical analysis. Telling your reader, the book is good or bad is not enough; rather you need to elaborate on why you find the book good or bad. You need to answer the five W's such as what, where, why, when, and who in this section. These details will aid your audience in determining whether or not they would enjoy reading the book.


After that, you should conclude the overall book review by providing a recommendation on who will find the book interesting and enjoyable. What were the factors that make this book a must-read for you or vice versa? Finally, end with providing reasons for suggesting the book for others.


Do not forget to rate the book you read and give a brief explanation of it as well.

Four major steps to writing a book review

When I write my essay or book review, I consider the following four steps to produce a good and comprehensive book review

  • select the book you need to review. make sure that it is of your interest and the one you already have knowledge about

  • read the book and make notes of the things you observe and want to incorporate in the review

  • make a plan that will guide you throughout writing the book review

  • write the book review

Tips to write an effective book review

Following are a few tips to write a masterpiece book review like an expert review or essay writer

  • before writing your own book review, make sure to read an example book review so that you get an idea of how a book review look like

  • develop an outline for the review to ensure that your book review is streamlined. don’t write a lengthy review as it will be time-consuming and will bore your audience. Hence keep it to the point so that it easily understood by the audience

  • When you are done writing your review, make sure to give it a good read. Check all the grammatical mistakes. Analyze it yourself or get it read by someone else. You can also take help from an essay writing service that will get the task done for you and fix the errors

  • Keep in mind that you're writing a review for a book that some other writer put an effort into. Don't be rude when you communicate your point of view.

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