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A Research Essay on "Video Game Addiction" - Tips & Sample

Writing a research essay is not as easy as other forms of creative writing. In a research essay on video game addiction, you have to give your evaluation and arguments of the topic based on the facts and evidence from the published literature. The most important point which you must keep in mind is that before starting writing the research essay you must know the subject or topic. The research essay is based on the survey to gather the best information about the topic. Just search for a reliable writing service and ask them to write my essay for me and get your work done within a desirable time and you take the guidance from the essay experts.

For example, if you are asked to write an essay on Video game addiction, you have to make sure that you do a proper literature search to find the survey, facts, published reports, and academic papers. The research process is an important part to write effectively on the topic of video game addiction, as it will help you understand the various aspects of addiction-related to video games.

Moreover, the research from different resources will help you formulate ideas for this essay and you will be able to write the topic with authority. All you have to do is approach a writing service and ask them “do you help with writing assignments?”, they will get back to you in time and provide you with an amazing paper.

Different types of resources can be used by students to gather information about the topic such as books, encyclopedias, and newspapers, google scholar, and other search engines.

Students usually feel confused when they are asked to write a research essay. Even the professional writing company has to plan properly before writing a research essay. However, there are few common tips you can follow if you are to write an essay on some topic. For example, if you want to write a research essay on video game addiction, you can follow the following tips:

Annotated bibliography

This is one of the most effective methods to organize the material in an orderly manner. The reading material, facts, and relative information can be kept in the form of annotated bibliography. This will help you determine the important resources which you can use for making an argument.

Writing an abstract

Abstract provides a summary of the whole essay. For example, in the essay on video game addiction, you can provide an abstract to briefly reflect the ideas which you will present in the essay. The student should not use figures and sources and tables when writing the abstract. Just search for a custom writing service to get your work done within a desirable time and you take guidance from the essay experts.

Follow a specific format

You have to follow a uniform reference style throughout the essay. For example, if you are asked to write an essay on video game addiction in APA 6th Edition, you have to follow the proper format to provide the bibliography.

Create an outline

The outline is essential for making an essay more efficient and organized. When I write my essays for me, I always prefer to make an outline before starting writing the essay. The outline of the essay consists of three parts, introduction, body, and conclusion. In the outline of a research essay on video games addiction, you should introduce your thesis such as ‘Video game addiction refers to compulsive internet gaming which may result in impairment of an individual's brain to function normally.’


You must give a strong conclusion to the research essay. It is the overall summary of the topic and you should restate your stance on the topic of video addiction. A good conclusion leaves a last long-lasting impression on the readers and it must highlight the main points of your findings.


It is most important in a research essay. the student should properly use cite sources because by using cite sources, it would not leave any question in the reader's mind about the credibility of research data. If you are still confused about how to start writing a research essay, you can take help from EssayHours where you can get assistance in writing an impactful paper. Nevertheless, the following sample will provide you an insight into how to write a good research essay.


Although video games contribute significantly to the economy of many countries, excessive video gaming leaves harmful impacts on the lives of the younger generation. Addiction to video games is becoming a serious issue nowadays, and youngsters spend most of their time playing video games. Video game addiction refers to compulsive internet gaming which may result in impairment of an individual’s brain to function normally

Video games addiction is very harmful to youngsters and adolescents because this addiction affects the normal functioning of the mind. Many reports have been published in which addiction to video games is associated with aggressive behavior, anti-social tendencies, and aggression in behavior, depression, and anxiety among addicted individuals.

Addiction to video games also affects physical health such as eyesight of the people along with inducing certain psychological and neurological issues. This addiction is rampantly spreading various mental health problems among people. Addiction to video games also affects sleep and treating sleep disorders like insomnia and nightmares and also sleepwalking.

Addiction to video games is a threat for youngsters and children because it creates social isolation which further affects the relationship and social cohesion in society. Violence is also associated with addiction to video games as there are many violent games with graphical content that leaves an extremely negative impact on the emotions and feelings of the people (Griffiths, 2009).

According to the American Psychiatric Association, the effects of video gaming addiction on the brain is similar to another form of psychological addiction. Different criteria have been proposed by the APA for characterizing the video game addiction which includes preoccupation with the gaming thoughts, lesser tolerance, inability to cut the amount of time spent on the computer screen, deceiving and lying to family, and risk of constraints in personal relations.

There are various psychometric analysis tools that are used for testing the addiction of video games such as the Internet Gaming Disorder scale and Internet gaming disorder tests proposed by the World Health Organization (Fisher, 1994). Excessive use of video games is a major limiting factor that negatively affects the social, psychological, mental, and physical growth of the person. Addiction to video games also affects family life because addicted children do not participate in family or social events and do not like to interact with family members.

Various treatments have been proposed for managing video game addiction such as psychopharmacology, twelve-step programs, and behavioral therapies. These therapies are reported to be effective in treating video game addiction among people.

To conclude, video game addiction or internet gaming disorder is one of the major causes of anxiety, depression, and social phobia among young adults. It also affects the physical health of the individual such as sleep disturbance, insomnia, etc. However, video game addiction can be treated through different psychological and behavioral therapies.

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Fisher, S. (1994). Identifying video game addiction in children and adolescents. Addictive behaviors, 19(5), 545-553.

Griffiths, M. D., & Meredith, A. (2009). Videogame addiction and its treatment. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 39(4), 247-253.

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