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What is it like to do online yoga teacher training?

First, remember that your first yoga instruction is only a whole experience and that you will most likely continue your yoga study throughout your life. Therefore, the essential thing to remember during your initial 200-hour is to lay solid foundations for your practice, clarify what yoga is, and build a strong support community as you go to visit this website.

The content of a 200-hour online program will vary based on the curriculum. However, it will often cover sections of the following topics, as defined by the Yoga Alliance Standards:

Yoga Asanas should be performed correctly and safely.

The Philosophy of Yoga

Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals

Meditation Fundamentals

Developing a regular yoga routine

Yoga as a business and ethical issue for yoga teachers.

With an online yoga teacher training program, you'll generally have between 60 minutes and 3 hours of class every day. You'll most likely be studying part-time at most schools. Most students' first couple of weeks are spent just calming their nervous system and developing a regular yoga regimen. This can be a bit of a challenge at first, but by weeks 2-3, your body should be in good shape and ready to go.

You'll continue to delve further and deeper into the process after the first 2-3 weeks. The majority of our students see significant changes in a variety of aspects of their lives. They frequently express surprise at how much their lives change while doing the yoga teacher training online. It's challenging to identify precisely what makes teacher training so transformational. Still, I believe it's a mix of healthy physical activity, a pleasant group atmosphere, life realignment according to Yoga Philosophy, and your instructors' guiding and space holding.

Benefits of Online Yoga Teacher Training: Many individuals believe that online yoga certification training will be a "lesser" experience than training in person. In our experience, this isn't always the case. The online teacher education program is unique. Consider the following:

  1. Typically, while looking for a teacher training program, you only have local alternatives. There may be only a few studios left. Now that practically every yoga instructor has joined Zoom yoga, you can train with virtually any yoga teacher on the planet. That's a HUGE change that offers you, as students, access to some of the world's top teacher trainers.

  1. We've discovered that many courses are best taught online. That may come as a shock. However, since we have more time, the instructors we educate online are more prepared than those we train in person. You have more time between courses and can practice teaching on your own time with online yoga teacher training than you do with intensive yoga teacher training. In the online model, our students often get 50+ hours of practice teaching, whereas they may only get 30-40 hours in person.

  1. You have complete control over your schedule. We can't express how helpful it is to have kids in class who are working full-time or studying. Because of the online structure, you can do it even if you are working full-time.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Disadvantages: 1. There are a few things that are more difficult to cover online. Alignments and hands-on adjustments, in particular, are more difficult to teach online. It's just more difficult to verify every executing posture in great depth online. However, contrary to popular opinion, this isn't the most crucial part of being a yoga teacher, and it's certainly not the most important thing you'll learn throughout a teacher program. Your 200-hour program is about stepping upon this magnificent, sacred path of learning and laying the groundwork for the rest of your life.

  1. Establishing a group relationship. The community connection is one of the most delicate features of in-person training—all of those delicious, emotional bonding moments with your peers. You won't receive that if you do a RECORDED online yoga teacher training. One of the LIVE training choices, in particular, is something we suggest. For example, in our 200-hour online yoga teacher training, students communicate outside of class using a WhatsApp group.

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