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An article on “suicide among teenagers" -Major Tips

Different new types of essays have been introduced. The purpose of the introduction of new types of essays mainly lies in the need of writing those essays. This shows that every type of essay is based on and is written for a particular purpose. This unique purpose and the way of writing different types of essays make every essay type unique and different from one another. However, according to professional writers, specifically those who are offering different online services such as an essay writing service, effective writing Is the main key for effectively writing essays no matter what the type of essay it is. This highlights the importance of effective writing skills.

Most of the students usually hesitate in writing different types of essays, especially the newly introduced types of essays. The reason behind this is that they are not aware of the differences between different types of essays. For instance, I recently heard a college boy telling his friend “Please help me write my essayas I am so confused about how it will be written and what it is for”. This shows that before asking students or beginner writers to write different types of essays they should first be made aware of the purpose for which they are written and the way they are written. This will help them identify the differences between different types of essays and will make it easier for them to write them.

A critical essay is a type of essay in which the essay writer is required to present claims or arguments regarding how the ideas or points are explained or conveyed in a particular book or article etc. The writer is required to support his claims or arguments with pieces of evidence in the critical essay. Writing an effective critical essay is not that difficult, it just requires a clear understanding of what is to be written and how. Professional writers usually use a number of different tips that help them effectively convey their viewpoint or perspective to their audience.

Tips for writing effective critical essays

Mentioned below are some of the tips that will help you in writing critical essays that attract the attention of your readers at the very first glance:

Make sure your claims or arguments in the critical essay are clear and simple enough for the readers to understand in the very first attempt. The use of simple words and sentences can also assist in making the arguments for claims clearer for the reader's understanding.

Maintain the consistency of your critical essay making each paragraph consistent and balanced. An essay that explains a few points in detail while others do not generally lead to an inconsistent essay that is not effective in grabbing the attention of the readers.

Plan your essay before starting the write-up of the critical essay. The planning phase will help in developing more ideas for the critical essay. A detailed outline can be used to plan the essay. This detailed outline should include the main arguments or claims of the essay.

Make sure to include valid and accurate pieces of evidence to support the claims or arguments in the critical essay.

Revise the critical essay after completing the write-up. This will help in checking the flow of the points as well as the organization of different paragraphs.

Describe the main points of the article or book which are to be discussed in the critical essay one by one. Moreover, provide evidence to prove how those main points are validated by research.

Sample critical essay on “suicide among teenagers”

The author and his colleagues in the article “Suicide Rates Among Adolescents and Young Adults in the United States, 2000-2017” puts light on the rate of suicide increasing among United States of America’s teenagers. The data for the analysis of the rate of suicide among teenagers in the United States of America was taken from the CDC database. However, an analysis of the rate of suicide among people of different ages was also carried out by studying and considering data and information from various sources or else consider an essay writer.

A dramatic increase in the rate of suicide among 15 to 19 years of age has been recorded. This point is validated by most of the research studies. In comparison with the age group of 20 to 24 years, the age group of 15 to 19 years is found to be more attracted towards committing suicide. Studies have also presented that people age 15 to 19 years who commit suicide were found to experience various psychological issues such as depression and anxiety etc.

In comparison with females, a more number of males of age group 15 to 19 years have committed suicide in the previous few years. The rate of suicide among female teenagers for the previous few years has been changing however the rate of suicide among male teenagers specifically in the age group 15 to 19 years has increased drastically according to the research studies.

No considerable decrease in the rate of suicide among the United States of America’s teenagers has been recorded till now. Apart from that, as the data taken for this particular study was from the death certificates of the teenagers in the United States, Therefore it has also been observed that the death cause presented in the death certificates might not be accurate, and therefore this perspective limits this study on this behalf.

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