Artistic Producer Head of Design Marie Fukuda

Executive Producer Yoshitaka Tanaka

Head Tailor / Assistant Designer Hanae Yabuno

Proudly Present:

Katsura Sunshine's Original Denim Kimono

Season 1, Lot 1

Limited Edition 

33 Kimonos

Individually Created with 100% Japan Blue Okayama Denim

Where this all came from

I started designing kimonos for myself.  On stage, I wear traditional silk kimonos, but I wanted something for every day.

Something for the streets of New York.

Something to wear with Doc Martens walking to the Broadway theatre I was performing at, and for a cocktail at Sardi's or Hold Fast with friends after the show.

Something stylish, different, cross-cultural, and super easy to go.

So I designed this denim kimono.

The sleeves detach so one kimono can be ten or a hundred kimonos.  And you can wear it over jeans and a shirt and tie, or anything you like.

So many friends said they wanted one - and so the Katsura Sunshine Denim Kimono Fashion Line was born.


Katsura Sunshine

​桂 三輝

2017 New York_BLURRY150.jpg

Okayama - Japan Blue

100% Japan Blue Okayama Denim

The small seaside city of Kojima, in Okayama prefecture, is the historical centre for denim production in Japan - stemming from their centuries-old textile industry.

It has been called "Japan's Denim Capital", "The Birthplace of Japanese Jeans", and "The Holy Land of Jeans".

We have teamed up with Katsu Manabe of the great textile maker Japan Blue (makers of the high fashion denim brand Momotaro Jeans) to create our original Katsura Sunshine Original Denim Kimono.

Japan Blue Denim

Modern day quality on a world scale rooted in the craftsmanship of traditional, local, Japan.

Modern? Traditional? Easy to wear?  Really...?

Kimonos were the normal clothing in the Edo period in Japan, and




...there were no real rules.  


There were as many ways to wear a kimono as there were kimono wearers! 


The rules and traditions and customs that have evolved over time are fascinating and many are very beautiful - but by no means necessary!

Think about the meaning of the word "kimono":


着る - to wear

物 - a thing

A kimono is literally a thing you wear!  That's it!

Like Italian Opera or Shakespeare are cultural treasures; nowadays there are lots of rules and etiquette about how to partake, but originally they were crazy, raucous, very fun events.

No different for Japanese kimono!

There is no need to get a university degree in kimono wearing just to put on these great fashionable clothes. 


Sunshine wears his denim kimono over jeans and shirts, with a necktie when the mood hits!  Modern look rooted in the original spirit!


The obi belt can also be simpler than tying your shoes. 


But for those who prefer the more formal way of tying the obi and wearing their kimonos - no problem! 


Anything goes!

Like kimonos were meant to be!

Sunshine Obi Belt -

easier than tying your shoes.

SWATCH 20.jpg
SWATCH 10.jpg
SWATCH 6.jpg

Kimono - New York Style

Dancer and model Akiko Tokuoka took time out the other day to model the original Katsura Sunshine Denim Kimono around New York.

Thank you so much Akiko!

Special thanks and a big huge styling credit to the great Kimono Sensei Emi Kikuchi who arranged Akiko's kimono.  


SWATCH 7.jpg
SWATCH 4.jpg

Kimono - Singapore Style

Rakugo on Broadway Executive Producer Yoshitaka Tanaka took time off production duties for a day to have some fun where he is based in Singapore.

Great shots at his awesome establishment "Gyoza Bar"!  His kimono fits right into the atmosphere.

Thank you to Yoshitaka's lovely wife Merisa for a guest appearance!

SWATCH 20.jpg
SWATCH 10.jpg
SWATCH 6.jpg

Introducing our Original Kimono Set

Katsura Sunshine Denim Kimono

Season 1, Lot 1

Limited Edition - Numbered 1-33

The Kimono Set Includes the Following

1 Denim Kimono, numbered and personalized with your name.

2 Obi Belts (1 Denim, 1 Colourful Casual Obi)

3 Sets of Sode Sleeves (1 Denim, 1 Japanese Auspicious Symbol, 1 New York Style)

1 Sensu Rakugo Fan

1 Tenugui Rakugo Hand Towel

Your name and the number of your kimono will be painted into the inside front of the kimono.

*Special gift not pictured: your kimono will come wrapped in a personalized denim Japanese Furoshiki Cloth - the way kimonos have been wrapped, stored and carried for centuries in Japan.

Please contact to order.

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